Sunday, 29 July 2012

Glassblobbery facebook page is up

There are some new items on the glassblobbery facebook page. If you have not been yet why not take a look :-)

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Glass Unicorns

In this post I'll show you some glass unicorns from the Glassblobbery. This one has been sand blasted to make it frosted then coated with platinum, which gives it a strange gray sheen…
flying unicorn glass sculpture
Glass Flying Unicorn (Pegasus)

Now normally it seems there are two types of unicorn, these are the Seventeenth century unicorn (lions tail) and the modern unicorn (horses tail). I’ve made some of each, so below are some pictures. The yellow metal is gold. The pink one is caused by applying gold, which is fired in a different way.

22c gold coated horn, mane and tail on Glass Unicorn
Modern Glass Unicorn with 22c Gold coated Horn, Mane and Tail

This unicorn has a lions tail:

17th century Glass Unicorn with 22c gold coated horn, mane and tail
17th Century Unicorn Made of Glass

Here’s a pink version:

20th century Unicorn made of glass with pink gold coated horn, mane and tail
20th Century Glass Unicorn with Pink Bits

The last unicorn in to days post is a spun glass one, again the pink is created by using gold.

Pink glass unicorn
Little Pink Spun Glass Unicorn

Oh go on then, here’s an extra standin crystal clear standing unicorn. I’m so generous:-)

Modern standing crystal clear glass unicorn:
Modern Standing Crystal Clear Glass Unicorn

And that's all folks!

Remember until next time: "A wise man never plays leap frog with a unicorn."