Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Glass Pumpkins For Halloween

I made some Glass Pumpkins For Halloween and here's the picture...

Glass Pumpkins
Baby ones :)

Oh And a glass heron or two. Here's a frosted one of those. The frosted effect is created by using a sandblaster, which shoots sand at the glass heron to scratch the surface.

Frosted Glass Heron
I make the glass herons in Pink, blue, clear and frosted glass.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Glass #fairy flying

A flying Glass Fairy was seeing in the Glassblobbery today. Must be coming up to Halloween!
The pink is gold, which is applied after the clear glass has been worked.
I managed to get a picture of the flying #faery so here it is:..

Flying Glass Fairy
Here's a fairy good joke from Wendy Joy...

What is a scouse fairies favorite song from Liverpool...
Fairy cross the MERSEY
For those who are to young to know the song the Mersey is the river by Liverpool. :)

Monday, 21 October 2013

Glass Blue Lobster to Llangollen

Jean Johns ordered a Glass Blue Lobster on the 28 of September. It has been sent off and she's very pleased with it. Here's a picture for all you lovely folk!

Glass Blue Lobster
Just found this awful joke:
Where does a lobster keep his clothes?
In the clawset!

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Glass Yellow Rose to Borneo

Wendy has asked me to send a glass yellow rose in a dome to Borneo. So here is a picture of the glass yellow rose in its glass dome!
Glass Yellow Rose
The Yellow Rose is a sign of being a good or best friend.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Glass fairy on a mushroom

#Glass Fairy
The other day our man Roger ran of with a glass fairy and sat her on a mushroom. Here is the evidence:
Glass fairy on a mushroom
 Roses in domes next time ...

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Wall Hanging Red Glass Dragon

Opened the kiln today to find 2 large Glass Wall Hanging Red Dragons cuddling to keep warm. The kiln had only been up to 690 degrees Centigrade (1274 F). Well they are only newly born #dragons. They will be flying over seas to find a good home... Lucky beasties ;)  By the way they are £197 ($290) each. Here's a picture of one of the red dragons. My son has told me if you like the dragon I have to ask you to share him with your friends ;)

Glass Wall Hanging Red Dragon
Next time see what happened when Roger ran off with a glass fairy...

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

#Diabetes UK (Cymru) Photo crystals

Today I sent off the #Diabetes UK (Cymru) Photo crystals and blue dragons we have been working on to Cardiff . Really nice commission. Here's a picture of a photo crystal with a blue Welsh Dragon :) A good #diabetic charity to create glass dragons for:

#Diabetes UK (Cymru) glass dragon Photo crystal
Next time Red Wall hanging dragons... if all goes to plan. Just have to see after the kiln is open.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Crystal Clear Glass Miner

I was asked if we could do a crystal glass Miner figurine. so this is what we came up with... Battery pack, helmet, pick axe and other goodies like arms and legs. 

Crystal Clear Glass Miner
Mines are for miners.
Dwarves like mines to!
EEEk non PC miners joke A Chinese guy applied for a job in a Welsh coal mine and was put in charge of the supplies. One day, Di Jones and Aled Williams were walking down the main tunnel in the lowest level. All of a sudden Di says,"Hey. Have you seen that Chinese bloke, I'm running short of candles. I haven't seen him since started."
The Aled says,"No, I haven't seen him either."
Right then, the Chinese man jumped out of a dirt mound right in front of them and yelled,"Supplies!!"

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Glass Flying Witch on a Broom.

When I was up in Edinburgh I visited an exhibition in Modern 2 about witches in art. So inspired here is a flying glass witch I made the other day which came out of the staining room today. The loop on the hair is so she can hang and look as if she's flying.

Glass Witch on a Broomstick
Getting closer to Halloween. Here's a question to ponder next time you see a witch... 
Why do witches have stiff joints ?They get broomatism!

How does a witch go faster when she's flying?
She goes broom, BROOM :)

Monday, 7 October 2013

Glass pig on it's back laughing :)

The other day Roger (A guy I work with here at the Glassblobbery) took a glass pig on it's back laughing to photograph. Here are the results:
Glass pig on it's back laughing  
Hopefully the witch I made today will be out of the kiln and stained over the next few days.
I'll post a picture when it's finnished.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Squirrel holding a glassblobbery leaflet!

Roger just been sent a picture of a squirrel holding one of our leaflets. How cool is that!

Squirrel holding a Glassblobbery leaflet :)
Clever Squirrel

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Glass Red Griffin

I was asked if I could make a glass griffin. The last ones I made were yellows for The Midland Bank (now part of HSBC) So to be different I made a red glass Griffin....
Glass Griffin

Tomorrow I think I have a witch on a broom stick among other things to do (well Halloween is not far away). Lets see what happens :)