Complete Book of Glass Beadmaking


Complete Book of Glass Beadmaking, The (Lark Jewelry)

This is a really good book for those new to bead making as it contains all the information you need as a beginner to set up a studio and safely work hot glass.
The reason I like this book in particular is the galleries that appear throughout the book highlighting the techniques taught in the previous chapters.
For more experienced bead makers it has chapters on advanced shaping as well as inclusions like leaf and frit and other surface decorating techniques.

Contemporary Lampworking: A Practical Guide to Shaping Glass in the Flame

"The idiots guide to becoming a professional lampworker in no time at all"

The book is well written, the chapters are in a coherent, logical step by step order. Dunham is sensitive to the needs of the novice while not talking down to the advanced user.
While essential basics in the craft are explained, the reader is encouraged to develop their own style. Dunham explains that there is no right or wrong way to practise the craft, but offers tips on making certain tasks easier.
Furthermore Dunham unselfishly provides additional resources to those that need to investigate nearly any aspect in further depth.
He also offers many suggestions to those newcomers with limited capital as to how to find alternatives to provide for expensive tools.
Anyone wanting to start off in the glassblowing hotglass craft should start right here!

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