About Glassblobbery

This is the Glassblobbery’s glassblowing studio blog.  It includes news, pictures and some of the things we are developing. The Glassblower at the Glassblobbery makes dragons, flowers, and animals for all sorts of occassions like Mother’s day and birthday gifts.

Home of the Glass blobber
Glassblobbery at Glanrafon (A494) towards Corwen
The Glassblobbery is based in the old church hall at Glanrafon near Corwen. This is one of the most beautiful parts of North Wales and the United Kingdom. Well worth a visit.

Veiw of The Glassblobbery A494 towards Bala
Veiw of the Glassblobbery at Glanrafon on the A494 towards Bala

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