Glassblobbery and Glassbloggery website legal stuff:
Company name and details:

Glassblobbery Ltd

Glanrafon Hall
Nr Corwen
LL21 0HA
T:01490 460440

Registered Company Number:1491643.
VAT No: 821 4800 58
Directors: C W Pryce-Jones, D A Pryce-Jones
Terms of transaction:
Orders can be cancelled at any time up to 60 days after the goods have been sent out.
In the case of dispatched goods refunds will only be given on return of goods.
Goods are covered by a 60 day guarantee.
Refunds or replacements for damaged goods will only be given after the goods have been returned to the Glassblobbery at the above address.
If you have any complaints please contact us using the contact details above.
We aim to send all goods out within 30 days of the order receipt unless otherwise agreed.
Our public labiality Insurance is with: FSB Insurance Service

If you have any queeries regarding our insuance cover please contact us at the above address.

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