Thursday, 10 October 2013

Crystal Clear Glass Miner

I was asked if we could do a crystal glass Miner figurine. so this is what we came up with... Battery pack, helmet, pick axe and other goodies like arms and legs. 

Crystal Clear Glass Miner
Mines are for miners.
Dwarves like mines to!
EEEk non PC miners joke A Chinese guy applied for a job in a Welsh coal mine and was put in charge of the supplies. One day, Di Jones and Aled Williams were walking down the main tunnel in the lowest level. All of a sudden Di says,"Hey. Have you seen that Chinese bloke, I'm running short of candles. I haven't seen him since started."
The Aled says,"No, I haven't seen him either."
Right then, the Chinese man jumped out of a dirt mound right in front of them and yelled,"Supplies!!"

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