Friday, 28 June 2013

Glass Blue Chinese Dragon.

I was asked if I could make a Glass Chinese Water Dragon. So after thinking about it this is what I came up with:

Glass Blue Chinese Dragon.
 Here it is from the other side...
Blue Chinese Water Dragon

I came acros this Mandarin Chinese Joke - The Turtle And The Dragon on

English Translation

A little sea turtle was swimming in the middle of the ocean, when he bumped into something floating on the surface. The sea turtle had never seen anything like it, so he asked "What are you?"
The thing replied, "I am a dragon", then floated away.
One hundred years passed by, and the small sea turtle had grown into a great big sea turtle. He was floating on the surface, and once again he came across his old friend, who he hadn’t seen in one hundred years. He was amazed that, although he himself had changed greatly over the course of a hundred years, the dragon had hardly changed at all.
The sea turtle had always believed that he was the longest-living creature on earth, but here was something that lived even longer. He asked, "What kind of dragon are you, that you don’t change and don’t become old and feeble?"
"Oh! I am Styrofoam." :/ I had to read the explanation to see what it was about, but I like the idea of a syrofoam dragon any way.


The Mandarin word for Styrofoam is 保麗龍 / 保丽龙 (bǎo lì lóng). The last character of this word is 龍 / 龙, which means dragon.

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