Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Glass Sky Dragon Flying

 As I made a Nordic Viking Warrior yesterday it reminded me of a glass Sky Dragon I made some time ago.
Time travels and we learn new stuff. Last year I was shown a dragon from a game that was released in November 2011. It had a striking resemblance to a dragon I made in 1992. I dug out the old sketch book and notes. In those days I made the wings using a different technique, which took more time than I wanted to give it.  So I thought I would have a go at re-making it with the techniques I use today. Here’s the picture of it:

Glass flying dragon

If you want to see more glass dragons you can go to the Glassblobbery website.
It’s interesting going into past student and later design ideas books from my early days on the burner. I think I‘ll redo some of the older designs and let you see them on future posts.
I was thinking about the similarity between dragons and dinosaurs, as any insane person would. I’m sure dragons were about long before dinosaurs.

What’s the difference between the dinosaur and a dragon…? Obvious really. Dinosaurs are too young to SMOKE!

On that note I’ll go....

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