Friday, 30 August 2013

Glass Dragon on a rock

I've been working at a dragon on a rock. It's turned out really well. I found the rock in a local stream, put it through the dishwasher and made a dragon to go on it... Great fun. Wendy's colors work very well by enhancing the form. Here's a picture of it:

Glass Dragon on a rock

Here's another view from the other side...

Fantasy Glass Dragon on a rock

Might do an Octopus next time :)

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  1. I found this page via a google image search for something completely different but I just had to come take a closer look after seeing this magnificent fellow. He is absolutely fabulous! I can't see any of the same for sale on your website and I guess he was a one-off and therefore way out of my price range but I love him :) (I do have a bit of a thing for dragons, must be the Welsh blood in me!